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Southwestern Landscapes 

I developed my original style of using more than one material to make  and then applying it to a canvas in quick, small scribbles and strokes gave my work some more credibility. Rocks are completed in either premium watercolor paint, or artist-grade permanent markers. 




Over the past year, I have perfected my application of watercolors. I usually use heavy-weight artist paper with a rough texture, such as Arches or Utrecht brand paper. I impliment both the traditional watercolor process into my work, and an original approach that I have perfected. My watercolors usually take me anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours to complete per piece. 



My paintings are the longest form of artwork that I have been making (since 2010). My process of making paintings usually last from 2-3 hours, and include heavy layering of premium brand acrylic paint.



My doodles are both a serious artform I like to practice, but also a fun and creative way I can try to draw different things. My doodles are completed in Fine-point sharpie, and thick, clean lines are applied to mixed-media sketchbook paper. All of the elements I incorporate into my doodles are completely original. I am currently working on making designs for a coloring book. My doodles are completed anywhere from 20 minutes to 5 hours per piece.




angelique zaks

Making art is a skill that I have aquired over the years--- not a skill I was born with. My art style has rapidly developed over the years. When I was 12 years old, I started out painting landscapes as a hobby-- little did I know that it would turn me into the person that I am today. After years of making the same simple and colorful landscapes of countrysides and flowers, my style evolved, and I began concentrating on more complicated landscapes, such as Southwestern rocks and landforms. I also began to enjoy coming up with original concepts that would fit my theme of surrealism in nature. Many paintings or doodles that I have focus on elements of nature through a surreal lens. 

angelique zaks


This piece was selected for a traveling show across Monmouth County, NJ, during the 2015 Arts High exhibit.

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